AZtEC Project

"I shall bE telling this with a sigh
sOmewhere ages and ages henCe:
Two RoaDs diveRged in a wood and Y —"

Welcome to the AZtEC Project! My name is Alexander Farrow, and you may be wondering what this website is. The answer is quite simple, really. You've likely heard of the latest artificial intelligence and cybernetic theory news. Hundreds have claimed to have developed artificial "intelligences" that aim to appear as human as possible convince users that they are sentient when, really, all they are is effective language replicators, like some sort of advanced predictive text program.

That is all they are, after all.

But they don't have to be. See, here at 2100 Technologies, we are working on a new model of artificial intelligence. This model is designed not to replicate human language or behavior, but to make it efficient. And this site? This site is living proof of that. And I mean it when I say living.

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